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Great job! But originally, I opened that link in a new tab while I was still reading the article. It obviously did not work :P I've this habit of opening most links in a new tab!

Same here. I have an addiction to opening everything remotely interesting in a new tab, and my initial reaction was "I don't think this worked?"

Otherwise, it's pretty frightening, because I can imagine that in spite of the browser warnings, there are many non-savvy users who probably wouldn't give it a second thought.

As a KDE user, the blatant Gnome UI was kind of glaring but otherwise well done. ;)

haha, this indeed is frightening, and intelligent designers will push this to do something really neat. Let's hope it's a POC and not a real attack. Let us not forget that there are far more dumb people than smart people on our planet! ;)

I did the same (new tab) and thought "oohh it looks and reacts just like the real thing!". Had to read a bit more to see what I was meant to do.

Not even Gnome. It is Ubuntu interface. I guess they were assuming most Linux users are Ubuntu users.

Yep, that's what I assumed. :) Also, for a proof-of-concept you're lucky I even took screenshots in any Linux ;)

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