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Very cool - I've seen website plugins that embed a chatroom, but never a chatroom plugin that lists active websites as rooms.

A couple of issues:

* The badge indicating the number of connected users looks like a notification you would get when someone has conversed.

* The lobby has less users connected than the main chat. I dont understand this if it consists of all connected users.

* Trending is amazing and should highlighted more.


* Market and use this like an active reddit. What are users reading and real time discussions.

* Market this towards a specific (large) community. You need an audience for the value of chatrooms to shine.

* Create a widget to embed on a website. Easiest way to grab a community IMO.

* Gamify with points and/or achievements. Basically look at how gamification works in stack overflow or even here on Hacker News and take whats best. It's extremely important on social products (which chatrooms are).

The hardest part I see for this idea is overcoming the Graveyard. Once users begin to use it, then it becomes way more valuable.

Mikkel - thanks again for the feedback!

I've jotted down your other comments during the chat as well, but just wanted to say thanks here again :)

Definitely agree on the graveyard issue, will work on it.

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