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Hi guys!

We made this Chrome extension (w/ Node.js + MongoDB in the back) that overlays a chatroom on top of websites - the idea is, if you want to discuss a certain article / website with other people, all you have to do is install the extension and open it on the given page, to talk to other users.

Say that you are on HN, we give you the ability to chat with whoever else is there reading the same article!

We also have a "Lobby" feature, so you can talk to everyone else on at the same time (that might not be on the same site you're on)

We think this could be a good tool for say - students who want to discuss homework assignments, shoppers who want to make a last minute purchasing decision, or sports fans who want to vent with one another. It's a good way to connect passionate people of the same community!

Still super early - would love get your thoughts on it! Features you wanna see, etc.

Try it out! We will be waiting on the HN homepage!

Folks - we're talking about some of these comments over using Husky Chat at http://news.ycombinator.com/ right now - come join us :)

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