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This is a bad idea. Not only is it against Southwest policy, it also pisses off people like myself who actually go and check-in "exactly" 24 hours before and end up with a "B-7" boarding pass!!!!!

Clearly, Southwest has their reasons for assigning boarding priority 0-24hrs before flight on a first-come-first-serve basis, or else they would just assign priority during payment (early-bird checkin $10 notwithstanding).

Possible Reasons: 1) Loyal customers can get a "one-up" on new fliers or people who don't really care when they board and where they sit. 2) People who don't change flights within 24 hrs of takeoff can also take advantage of this --the rest might be "penalized" in this model.

Sites like "checkintomyflight.com" break apart the aformentioned model.

But, this is hacker news. So, congrats on building this service.

A-List folks get auto-assigned a boarding order 36 hours before a flight starting with A-16. A1-15 are the "Business Select" seats for which a premium is charged. So, on flights with many frequent fliers, many of the "A" slots may be not be available even to those who check in early.

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