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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that what this discussion needs is a "Hey - thanks for making this."

Thanks!!! I was feeling pretty bummed after the comments.

Don't be bummed. Even though I personally wouldn't use this (my life is too short to fly Southwest if I don't have to) I think it's great that you made something and are sharing with a community of people who are making things.

Thanks! :) Makes me feel better:)

Don't feel bummed this is pretty nifty. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but you actually made it happen. :)

The only thing I was going to do different is then text me that the check in occurred and tell me what the boarding number is. It's just an FYI but would make me feel better.

(And since I work for Twilio, obviously I was going to use that. :) )

Brilliant idea! Mind if I do that? Also a lot of the checkins are early in the morning or late at night so maybe I should have an option for not texting if you don't want to be woken up from sleeping.

Thanks again!

Go for it!

I've signed up for alerts on my flights to/from TwilioCon next weekend. Don't let me down. ;)

I'll try!:)

I'm on the Southwest A-List right now, but that expires in December so I'm definitely going to be using this next year. I was actually thinking about doing something like this myself but knowing me I never would have actually done it, so THANK YOU.

Just don't mention how you can add the "A-List" tag to your boarding pass to get through the fly-by lane.

Whoa, didn't even know what the A-list was or that it existed! What's this business with the A-list tag?

Thanks for the appreciation :) - really cool to see people enjoy this!

Yeah, nice job on this Nikil- very cool implementation. HN has been becoming increasingly cynical as of late- don't let it get to you.

Thanks!! Really appreciate it! So this is actually my first time on the site (I've seen the homepage maybe once or twice before). A friend had told me to post it on here and so I did thinking that I could share this with some more people who could benefit from it and was pretty surprised at the negativity!

Well then you might like to know that HN used to be constantly positive when new projects were released here. And were always constructively critical with the critics writing directly to the author with an intent to help.

So when jetcom says HN has become cynical, it's really true.

I agree, this is incredibly useful. Thanks!


For sure - thank you!

Cool idea, hopefully they are cool about it.

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