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The thing that really turned me off first were the classnames for the grid (one column example):

Foundation: .one.column Skeleton: .one.column Bootstrap: .span1

Then there are various other non-semantic classes: .btn, .pull-left, etc. It seems to me very much a toolkit built with a developer's mind ... in mind.

I like crafting my css by hand, making it easy to read and understand and above all - easy for me to remember so I don't have to crawl through documentation trying to remember if this element is .span4 .span-4 .span_4 or some other permutation I can't remember. I can easily remember .one.column. Its a column and its one.

See I have the complete opposite opinion. I love the spanX semantics and .pull-left etc etc make complete sense to me so I think you might be on the ball with it being made for a developer moreso than a designer.

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