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Also, they're mad at me because it is taking to long to develop the site. And because we're using bootstrap they're expecting it to be done quickly, because "I have all the components and just have to put them together."

if you were just 'putting them together' you'd be done. as much as I'm a bootstrap fan, this is not the use case for it - redesigning the look/feel of every element? you'd be better off not using any framework and building from scratch if you're not getting any value from the defaults of a framework, and instead insist on overriding/modifying everything a framework gives you.

You probably already know this, just thought I'd share your vent.

I was a bit frustrated at the time of writing that comment. And, to be fair, the js components (e.g. modal box) and the grid system turned out to be of good use. Although, bootstrap's LESS code leaves a lot to be desired. There's no system to it. Some styles are defined as mixins, others are hard-coded, variables are not used consistently, and so on.

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