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I think that's an oversimplification. Either way, a quick look at the source shows that they are quite different now. In my opinion zurb has the more sophisticated grid system but doesn't support IE7, and the UI javascript is not nearly as polished as bootstrap's (some jQuery spaghetti in places). Bootstrap, while having more stable UI components, is visually opinionated and difficult to rebrand, where zurb is generic by design. If I had to pick one or the other to build a web application on, I would use the zurb grid system and write my own UI components with liberal borrowing from bootstrap's javascript. If you are hacking together a weekend project, use bootstrap.

That's been my view of the two. I prefer Zurb because I know enough CSS now to extend and leverage the framework more and I find Foundation is lighter weight and more flexible and extensible than Bootstrap is. Bootstrap feel more "opinionated" but the javascript components are really, really well written though those are arguably completely portable.

I've got a pull request open to Foundation right now to add some vertical rhythm to their typography if anyone is interested.


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