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My team compared Bootstrap, Foundation, and Skeleton in detail: http://responsive.vermilion.com/compare.php

We built the same layout (a real client project) in each framework and compared notes. That process really helped us understand the differences.

What was your conclusion? (Looking at the source code of the page, foundation?)

A few conclusions:

* Foundation has the best responsive grid support

* Bootstrap is the most expansive UI. For internal tools, that's great. For client sites, we end up fighting to override Bootstrap.

* Skeleton is really light. If you're prototyping with Skeleton, you'll probably need to pair it with jQuery UI or something similar.

FWIW, we're using both Bootstrap and Foundation for current projects.

Thanks for doing the comparison. Admittedly, those are exactly the results I would've expected and goes along with each of the respective group's plans. Is Skeleton still in active dev?

Skeleton was updated in late June, so it's still being developed as far as I can tell.

We didn't know what to expect, in part because we hadn't previously researched the history of each framework. But you're right, the results are inline with each plan.

For client sites, we end up fighting to override Bootstrap.

Could you describe this more? I didn't really see much about it in your blog post.

We're working on a follow-up blog post soon with more detail.

Bootstrap has a lot of great UI components - form styles, tabs, dropdowns, etc. It looks good, it's consistent, and easy to prototype. But our client work involves highly customized design. In those cases, we don't want the Bootstrap styles, just the functionality.

But overriding Bootstrap styles can be painful. Let's take a form input field. You start by overriding the base style. But you forgot about hover and focus states, so tack those overrides on too. Then add any media query specific overrides. Do the same for any Bootstrap component you used. Finally, make sure your overrides work cross browser.

Building multiple sites with Bootstrap (and likewise Foundation) has definitely made us more aware of costs associated with customizing styles.

awesome comparison, thanks!

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