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Linode is cheaper than Amazon, but then every service that charges per-month (not per-hour) is cheaper than Amazon.

Linode charges up-front for the month, but if you terminate an instance early a pro-rated amount is credited to your account. The granularity is at least a day.

CPU time on Linode is cheaper than standard-priced EC2 instances. Compared to a reserved instance they lose badly, though. And last I checked, storage on Linode was 8x higher than EBS.

OK, I didn't remember storage being that bad. Also, reserved instances are billed per-year, so my per-hour comparison stands.

Linode's storage is prohibitively expensive compared to EBS and S3. Their instance sizes are all based on a $1/GB flat rate with no volume discounts.

If anything, this has to be slashed in half somehow. It's been a few years since this has been adjusted.

Did you consider Reserved Instances?

As far as I am concerned, Reserved Instances are the way to go, if you consider to get to be be a heavy user. I opened a spreadsheet recently on my own startup idea, and with Reserved Instances Amazon EC2 got very competitive.

Reserved Instances are the next thing we are looking into as well to get our costs down dramatically

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