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London, UK. Full time. PandaStream ( http://pandastream.com )

Panda makes it easy for people to transcode their videos into any format, fast. We’re a profitable SaaS business, now part of MediaCore (working to transform online video learning). A large and growing number of customers depend on our platform on a daily basis to transcode large volumes of video. We’ve got big plans to push the platform forward with new encoding technologies and partnerships. With your help we can do it faster and better.

We need someone special. Someone who lives and breathes new technology. The platform is primarily Ruby and FFmpeg, along with Redis, Beanstalkd, EventMachine, and is deployed within AWS. We need someone who will be at ease with this stack, and also someone who can be relied on to manage it all within a production environment. Having a background in video transcoding is obviously a big plus !

You will be working in a beautiful offices during flexible work hours. We provide you with the setup you need to do great work (MacBook, CinemaDisplay, great chair). We also have a fantastic remote team in Victoria BC, Canada that brings the opportunity for travel. You can make a difference, in our team, and on a wider scale by contributing to related Open-Source projects.

To apply, let us know about yourself, your past experience and what you see yourself contributing to our platform. Show us what you’re passionate about.

Feel free to ask us if you have any questions about the position.

Contact: jobs@pandastream.com

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