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Tent.is | Full Time | Remote/Newark, DE - Designers, Front End Developers, Ops

We're building a Tent hosting service and apps based on the Tent protocol (http://tent.io). We are seeking a designer (web and mobile), operations team, and front end developer.

Be a part of a tight-knit team changing the face of interactive communications. Our users include Loren Brichter, Jeff Tunell, Manton Reece, John Gruber, Marco Arment, John Siracusa, Dave Winer, and other esteemed luminaries.

We recently launched our alpha hosting and apps products at https://tent.is but need help with design, front end development, and ops moving forward.

We are seeking funding but at present all staff (including new hires) are unpaid. We might be able to help with moving expenses and basic cost of living in some cases.

It's an exciting time, help us build the next great protocol. Even if we fail, we promise you'll have more fun failing with us than succeeding with anyone else.

Contact daniel@tent.is to start talking.

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