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healthcare and quality of education being tied to your parents employment and property ownership

Unless I misunderstand you, that's part of reality. Healthcare and education don't fall from the sky. Somebody has to produce them. In order for them to be consumed, they have to either be paid for, or stolen.

the most racist things don't target the race of anyone, just their income level

Racism has a specific definition, and "targeting" someone based on income doesn't meet it (though I don't know what "targeting" means here).

This is why I barely go on this forum any more, stupid fucking fellow Americans.

Did you know that in other countries healthcare is free? And top quality education? And college?

We could have it to, if all you shits didn't incorporate in Delaware. Goddamn this country.

Name-calling is definitely the right approach.

Did you know that in other countries healthcare is free? And top quality education? And college?

In no place anywhere on earth are those things free. Someone pays for them, always. Maybe the government should pay for them here (leaving aside the fact that our government already pays an enormous amount for healthcare and education), but it's not an obvious, incontrovertible fact that we should, to the point that justifies name-calling. Many top economists don't think those things should be subsidized by the government, regardless of how good they may sound to the electorate.

Also, you seem to be under the impression that incorporating in Delaware is some kind of tax dodge; it's not. It won't save you a single penny in taxes. You still have to pay taxes on income in the state in which you generate that income, and you still have to pay federal taxes no matter where you are in the world.

"Chavs" and "thugs", are similarly reviled, yet chavs are the same skin tone as the majority. Race and class and style are interconnected.

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