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... wow. Just .... wow.

You may disagree with his fashion sense, but this man is smartly dressed. I don't see any Raiders jackets, or any baggy jeans/tee-shirts. Just because his clothing is not mainstream and he is black DOES NOT make it hip-hop fashion.

While we're on the topic, note the shoes in particular, very nice, especially for a guy struggling to afford a bedroom in Oakland.


None of those people are dressed like they live in W'burg, like the author of this post is. The similarities literally appear to be "hats, denim, black people", and nothing else.


You made a dumb joke. You should consider that that joke is only funny to people who are comfortable in their surroundings and among their peers; to the lone latino or black person in the office, they come across much differently. It is a form of privilege to be able to chuckle as you toss around which rap group someone looks like they belong to; when that privilege is flexed so that it alienates coworkers, it is abusive.

Congrats, you found an early picture of the group before they hit it big and made gangsta rap big.

Hey, I can do that too. Is this the image your memory conjures up when you think of Dre?


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