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Great advice. I think your first point is spot-on: Don't Blog... It’s really, really hard to do well in a consistent fashion.

But that should be followed by: "Guest Blog" (or something similar). Your energy and creativity can still be appreciated by a captive audience in someone else's venue. You can get many of the benefits of blogging without the need for (daily / weekly / whatever) commitments... and make friends or build reputation in the process.

As an example, I run a popular robotics blog myself [1]. Yet, I've also contributed guest articles for IEEE Spectrum [2], which can have some cool side benefits... like op-ed style pieces in academic publications [3].

[1] http://www.hizook.com/

[2] http://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/robotics-hardwar...

[3] http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/articleDetails.jsp?arnumber=6...

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