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>I see the usual grab bag of men making excuses for misogyny in software is out in force on Hacker News:

Recurring points of view in a certain discussion? Who would've thought about that?

>* Insisting sexism is not endemic to software, it's just idiots being idiots.

Thats not an excuse. How is that justifying anything? Why do you insist otherwise? Do you have empirical evidence?

>* Insisting sexism is not endemic to software, it's just jerks being jerks.

Same as above. What are you talking about? Nobody "excuses" anything.

>* Dismissive pedantry over the claim that women are deterred from software by incidents of sexism.

A discussion? We're having a discussion? What do you mean not everybody agrees? Oh no!

>* Blaming women themselves for not going into software. "Blaming"? Seriously?

There we go again.It's neither "blaming", nor "excusing". Obviously there might be other factors which doesn't make IT as attractive for women than other fields.

>The reason more women aren't in software is staring us right in the face but we're too busy being dismissively sexist to see it.

Are you serious? There is ONE (1) reason for that? Oh, if reality was that simple of a system!

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