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Defining what is and isn't a profession can't be defined by hourly rates of pay for low level work.

Let's put it another way - just because some people dig ditches doesn't stop construction from being a profession.

The fact is that Computer Science is a profession. You might not like certain things about it, but you are deadset wrong if you don't consider it a profession.

By what criteria do you define construction as a profession?

By what criteria do you define computing to not be a profession? :-)

Don't burst a vein arguing over the definition of a profession.

The litmus test is whether or not an occupation has a policing organisation who dictates who is allowed to practice it. Lawyers, doctors, civil engineers are professions. Homeopathers, developers and ditch diggers are not.

I'll reference wikipedia, but its more of an unwritten rule. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Profession#Formation_of_a_profe...

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