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As meanguy pointed out, the Mono team lost Novell's backing -- arguably, they never had it in the first place. Xamarin is now focused entirely on mobile, to the detriment of the core CLR implementation and web.

Not that I blame them in the least. I've been a huge fan of Miguel for years, and they're doing great things in the mobile space. I just can't in good conscience invest heavily in Mono knowing that it's essentially at a dead end -- particularly when other much more attractive web technologies have been released since .NET's inception.

The reality is that Microsoft never really wanted to build a cross-platform CLR. They wanted a great Java-like runtime that only works on Windows. If that matches up with your goals, then by all means use .NET, but be prepared for a tough slog later on if you want to escape Windows.

Mono is now backed by Xamarin. They got something like 12M in VC funding this summer and appear to be on fire. From what I've seen, the future of cross platform .NET looks great.

Click the Xamarin Dev Center link. You'll see Android and iOS but no Linux. They're focusing on mobile client tools.

They never got the full stack running on the server and they punted most of the Windows-specific client stuff from the start.

They landed on a super smart subset and seem to be kicking ass with it. A C# compiler with some odd omissions and cool enhancements + native bindings to iOS and Android equals a damn useful tool. If you're building .NET or even Java backends it's certainly a very sane way to hook into them from Android phones and tablets in the enterprise.

But it's not a cross-platform .NET environment by any stretch and certainly isn't on the path to becoming one.

Xamarin is awesome, and what they're doing seems great. They've just entirely shifted their focus to mobile, which makes a lot of sense for them, but doesn't bode well for core Mono and their port of ASP.NET.

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