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Hang on people... The whole 'Randall Rocks/cool factor' aside, let us not forget the purpose of information visualisation.

I don't see much discussion about the ability of these charts to condense large amounts of data into compact spaces. No mention of these devices ability to encode a concept into a visual experience... Not to put too fine a point to it but... What Would Edward Tufte Say?

A "hand-drawn" plot compared to pixel-perfect one communicates an important message that error-bars are unknown and a model the plot is based on might be wrong. It stresses the plot is qualitative: a general shape of curves might be right and numbers might have correct order of magnitude — nothing more.

I'll allow it.

...good point, like to see more of this type of comment in this thread.

Sounds like what you are saying is along the lines of (paraphrasing here) almost correct as opposed to precisely inaccurate.

I hope others will add more along the same lines.

I think it is very simple. Hand drawn charts are easier and more pleasant to read^, because they are familiar. Everyone had drawn and seen a large number of such charts at school. Comfort food really.

^Not necessarily correlates with information retention.

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