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This looks excellent a nice restrained effort. Hasn't fallen into the trap that ActionScript3 did with too much ceremony, and its nice to see a syntactic super-setting approach rather than Dart's.

Now what I'd like to see in Javascripts evolution (non backwards compatible):

    * Subract: Removing parts of the language - let crockford free to rip out the bad parts.
    * Enhance: Bring in some more taste of Scheme.
    * Replace: New scoping for var etc, without introducing new keywords.

new scoping for `var`? Like the block-scoped `let`?


I'd prefer to change the semantics than introduce new keywords. Of course there are two schools of thought - I favour a small language over backwards compatibility. (And interim tools for migration).

Where I do favour extensions is for expressiveness or performance reasons.

What would more "taste of scheme" mean? Do you mean like lexically-shaped macros?

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