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Paperless Pipeline - Full-time, Remote - Front-end Designer & Developer

We are a small, boostrapped, profitable, and growing company behind the most friendly real estate transaction software on the market.

We are looking for someone to join our team on a full-time, contract basis to lead front-end design and user experience. Our team currently lives in Austin, Chicago, and New York. You can live and work anywhere.

You code clean. You follow best practices. You comment key areas of your code. You meticulously test for cross-browser compatibility. You have a talent (and obsession) with writing highly responsive, speedy code. You take pride in what you've written, but can set your pride aside when it’s time to debug.

You have a pixel-perfect eye for design, or at least you think you do :). When looking for the color gray, you nudge left and right on your RGB scale until you find the perfect shade. You understand and can implement fluid, grid, and responsive designs. You're not afraid of retina screens, because it doesn't really change the way you design things anyway.

We work from anywhere and believe in your ability to manage your own schedule. This is a contract position that pays competitive rates. If you need to upgrade your gear, we'll pay for it. If you're interested in a coworking space outside the home, we'll pay for that too.

Sound interesting? Learn more at http://www.paperlesspipeline.com/jobs

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