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If this makes the news I'll probably be fired :-)

Stationary Storage is basically energy storage (in non-moving context) and is commonly tied to the electrical grid. There are various technologies used for stationary storage like compressed air, flywheels, pumped hydro, and batteries. I'll let you guess which one we work with.

I can't talk specifically about any of our projects, but a few of them have had an article or two if you dig around. Sorry for the secrecy, but it's very exciting and there's a lot going on. If you're still interested in working on our team, I can tell you more project and technical details when you get in touch.

Tarmigan, I have a friend who really MUST work at Tesla. He was a staff eng at Sun, National Semi, Cobalt, etc.

He is a master in solar power generation monitoring (designs custom embedded BACNET boxes, develops standards based protocols for energy monitoring, fosters the creation of industry working groups around said protocols/ideas, etc) among other things wrote the first book on SAMBA... blah blah blah.

This guy will solve (if he hasnt already) this for you:

>* Design and evaluation of algorithms for energy and power markets

>* Designing a robust system to control distributed resources


How can I connect you both?

Please reply to my email addy in my profile.

As a finders fee, I humbly ask to escort Elon Musk's ashes to Mars.

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