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Nah, you're generalizing. I know many JS developers and they all love Javascript in one way or another.

Of these developers, how many of them have any real experience with languages like C++, Java, C#, Scheme, Haskell and Erlang?

It's easy to find JavaScript developers who love JavaScript solely because it's the only language they know. But once you start dealing with JavaScript developers who have a wider understanding of what various programming languages offer, the problems with JavaScript become much more obvious, and the hatred for JavaScript becomes immense.

I think Anders Hejlsberg knows a few other languages.

Yes, indeed. That's why we're finally seeing some sensibility being brought to JavaScript. He's bringing in basic features and functionality that should have been included 17 years ago, back when JavaScript was first developed.

Is that not generalizing as well? I'm one that doesn't. But then, you probably don't know me.

Critical difference is that pacomerh is speaking about the JS developers s/he knows while Camus had no such qualification.

Yeah, "I know many" refers to a group of people I know, so I'm not generalizing. It's like that silly quote from the Anchorman '60 percent of the time, it works every time'.

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