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Zapier (YC) - Mountain View, CA - full-time, remote possible - developers & designers

We want to bring the power of APIs to the masses and make all web apps talk to each other.

We're primarily Python & Coffeescript touching a bit of everything from Redis and ElasticSearch to Node.js and RabbitMQ. As far as we're concerned the stack is always in flux, we subscribe to no dogmas.

A full stack engineer would fit right in, and prior experience isn't a big deal: good hackers love learning new stuff (as do we, so we hope you can teach us awesome new things).

A designer with a UX background would also have major impact. Trying to represent the insane complexity around mapping disparate APIs is hard, but even more challenging is giving non-technical users the tools to do it.

We'd love to talk about the problems we're having, you can visit http://zapier.com/ and chat us up.

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