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What about debugging? Thats my biggest problem with coffeescript

How do they map errors thrown in the browser, to TypeScript code? If this has things like classes and such, the relationship isnt always going to be 1:1 and debugging can become a nightmare. Part of what makes javascript so great is how easy it is to debug. All these "superset" languages that compile to javascript fail hard @ debug support usually

What's with the insta-downvotes whenever someone mentions Coffeescript's debugging issues? I am not an active Coffeescript developer, but I thought that debugging line-by-line was prohibitively difficult, especially in the browser. Has this changed? If not, why the animosity?

Source maps[1] should help with this.

[1]: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/developertools/source...

This is cool and I keep hearing its coming to coffeescript soon, but just the fact that the TypeScript website doesnt mention "debugging" or "source maps" anywhere on the front page is disheartening. Its more important than anything to me, yet its still just a "we'll get there eventually" priority for all these alternative javascript languages.

I would think microsoft wouldnt want to release this until source maps were tested, working and included as part of the language as a major bullet point feature. These languages are nothing but a novelty to use in prototyping until that happens. I'll never use any of these languages in my production development workflow until proper debugging is available.

Language output is more important than SourceMaps. Coffeescript output is substantially harder to read than TypeScript, and personally I've never had an issue tracking down issues. I'm looking forward to it, sourcemaps or not.

Debugging would be helped greatly if they supported source maps (http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/developertools/source...).

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