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Here are some off the top of my head:

1. Lambdas (as you mentioned) are not only shortened syntax, but also capture the `this` variable automatically for you. Try typing in the following at the playground in the body of the `greet` method to see what I mean (http://typescriptlang.org/playground):

  var x = a => this.greet();
2. Classes with inheritance are a big one, implemented using the IIFE pattern as well, with support for static and class members.

3. Interfaces with duck typing are very lightweight and easy to use:

  interface IGreeter { greet(); }
  class Greeter /* implements IGreeter */ {
      greet() { ... };
4. Extensive type inference. In the following example, the function greet will be typed () => string:

  class Greet {
    greet(x: number) {
        var s = ' greetings';
        return x + s;
Static and member vars, return types, local variables, all are type inferred.

5. Javascript is TypeScript, just without typing, so converting your codebase is instance, and then you can begin adding type annotations to get more robust checking

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