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San Francisco, Mission district

Yardsale (YC), Mobile Marketplace, seeking early iOS/Rails engineers

Contact jobs@getyardsale.com

We’re a small team of developers rethinking the way people buy and sell things locally. We're building a product in a multi-billion dollar market, and have a clear path to revenue.

We're a rails/iOS shop, looking for an iOS specialist or hardcore generalist. We're looking for individuals who:

- Above all, learn quickly

- Have a strong understanding of everything from optimized PostgreSQL to performance hacking UIWebViews

- Seek out the latest in tooling, iOS open source or clang features

This is a key technical hire (1st engineer, but founders are technical), with significant equity and lots of room to influence the strategic direction of the company. The best fit will probably be someone hoping to be a technical founder in their next role.

Yardsale is well-funded, and based in San Francisco's mission district. If you'd like to hear more please send your github profile or something you've built to jobs@getyardsale.com, or visit us at https://www.getyardsale.com

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