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First hire at stealth security startup (YC W12) - Mountain View, CA - Part-time or Full-time, starting immediately. Competitive pay / significant equity.

We are building a multi-platform security application and API that solves a relatively common problem for businesses and end-users in the domain of cloud storage and cloud-based sharing. You will be working directly with the founders and must be prepared to take ownership of significant portions of the product. Of course, you will be given the freedom to make decisions on your own.

Our product is multi-platform (currently Windows and Mac + some linux support), and our API can be used both at the client and server. The core application code is in portable C++, and we have front-ends in Cocoa and .Net, with Qt frontends in the works. There is a lot of crypto and experience working with cryptographic libraries is a huge plus.


* Plenty of C++ programming experience, especially systems code. Any platform is okay (Windows / Mac / Linux), as long as you are not biased against working on another platforms if required. * Great object oriented design and API design skills.

Other good-to-have skills:

   * Ruby on Rails 
   * In-browser cryptography (JS crypto, Native Client experience a plus)
   * UI programming -- Qt / Cocoa / .Net
   * iOS / Android experience
   * Desktop application design / testing experience
Of course, we're not looking for someone with all of the above skills, but you must be a fast learner and someone who has fun writing code and working in a startup environment.

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