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Now I want to take an advantage of strict typing at runtime, which is obviously not possible, because instead of standardizing a VM all vendors are doing stupid things like this.

I'm willing to bet MS has built runtime type support into the Chakra VM.

The question is whether they will do it in a propitiatory way or push it as an extension of ECMAScript and try to get other VMs to implement it.

The worst thing is that they already have the runtime that is language-agnostic, performant, has a great standard library and so on. When they tried making it available on the Web, the so-called "open stadards" won. Which are in fact a bag of shit.

The TechCrunch[1] article states otherwise:

"Asked whether Microsoft might do something to prioritize TypecSript in Internet Explorer, Lucco, the chief architect of IE’s JavaScript rendering engine Chakra, says no."

[1] http://techcrunch.com/2012/10/01/microsoft-previews-new-java...

On the Techcrunch article also posted to HN recently, the designer said they would not be baking TypeScript into Chakra, but rather letting it compile to JS and running it the same way everywhere.

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