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New York, NY or remote. Intern or Junior developer.

Beagle is like Craigslist, but just for college students. We are creating a simple, secure network for students to post and run tasks and errands in their community. getbeagle.com

This is a chance to work on something that will be used by thousands of students, and to be one of the first ten team members.

All software engineers will be working on one or two of our main projects:

#API: Our API is the core that powers everything else. It’s written in Clojure. You’ll be the one actually implementing all the features and exposing them in a developer-friendly way. This is a fun challenge for anyone interested in software design and architecture. We use MongoDB on the backend so it’s best if you are at least somewhat familiar with it.

#iOS app: We have a hybrid iOS app, which lets us have a native experience while staying agile, with quick iterations and frictionless deployment. You’ll mostly be working with the Python web app, but will also have to work with the native iOS shell occasionally, too. You’ll have to work closely with the API, as all new features are be added there first.

#Website: Our public-facing website is a simple Node.js app. You’ll be working closely with the API to mirror certain features from the iOS app to the website. Familiarity with MongoDB is preferable.

Additionally we have some other projects planned like a new administrative interface to the API, and a dashboard that reports key stats we can track.

Please contact Julian at julian at beagleapp dot com.

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