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San Francisco, full time

Soldsie - Full stack rails engineer

We have a small team working on a new form of social commerce that actually works for our customers. We're growing fast, and looking for someone to take over the tech lead position. We have three engineers including me (co-founder) and work in a great space out of the mission.

Our app runs on rails on heroku with Postgres and Redis, and we are looking to do some interesting machine learning. The front end is a multi-page app with jquery and backbone.

You will be making technical platform decisions, leading the engineering team, and working with me on product decisions, including talking directly to customers and working with the sales and marketing people on what we think is possible. We move pretty fast, and try to make decisions that will be good in the long term. Plus, it's a pretty fun group of people.

If you're interested, just email me personally at arrel at soldsie.com.

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