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Tesla Motors | Stationary Storage group | Full time | Palo Alto, CA

The Stationary Storage team at Tesla Motors is growing and we’re looking for smart and versatile developers to add to the team. Our current team is very small and we’re looking for a hand-on, generalist who will get things done. You will work on a variety of subsystems, some are existing codebases (with other users and developers) that need modification for our application, while other projects are new and specific to our group. The team is small and you will be able to shape the direction of the product and a large amount of ownership of the firmware and software that is specific to this application ranging from architecture to implementation to testing.

Here are some of the projects that we see coming up soon:

* Embedded C on a microcontroller with an RTOS

* Communication over CAN, Ethernet, zigbee, and GSM networks

* Machine learning for analyzing and modeling energy systems (We’ve been using Matlab and Go, but would love to explore R, Hadoop, and AWS)

* Design and evaluation of algorithms for energy and power markets (think Quant algos but controlling real hardware and moving energy instead of money).

* Designing a robust system to control distributed resources

* UI for customer facing control and data viewing

* Development of parsers/compilers/code-transformers/DSLs for templating and code generation.

While this isn’t the typical HN job, we could see many of these projects appealing to people who are excited about at least several of:

* Green Energy

* Physical hardware

* Parsers/Compilers/DSLs

* Machine learning/algos for people who don’t want to work in Finance

* A variety of languages and technology (in the last 6 months I have used C, Python, Perl, Go, Matlab/Octave, Tcl, VB, and in my small circle people are using Ruby, Java, php, R and probably others.) We are a small team working on energy and designing physical hardware (which you will control!), so our internal conversions are more likely to touch on “watt-hours” and “tooling costs” than “closures” and “apps”. We would love to see (but we have some positions that don't require these):

* Comfortable with embedded C

* Degree in Engineering or experience with Energy

If you are interested in this job please email tcasebolt@teslamotors.com

There are also many more positions available in other groups at Tesla Motors, which you can see here: http://www.teslamotors.com/about/careers

Oh God... I always said that the only companies I'd give up my startup ambitions for was SpaceX and Tesla. I just returned to Toronto from San Jose and I saw your plant from the 880. Absolutely amazing looking.

Can you tell us more about what the stationary storage team works on? From the name, it sounds to be the systems that the user uses when they store the vehicle at the end of their trip?

If this makes the news I'll probably be fired :-)

Stationary Storage is basically energy storage (in non-moving context) and is commonly tied to the electrical grid. There are various technologies used for stationary storage like compressed air, flywheels, pumped hydro, and batteries. I'll let you guess which one we work with.

I can't talk specifically about any of our projects, but a few of them have had an article or two if you dig around. Sorry for the secrecy, but it's very exciting and there's a lot going on. If you're still interested in working on our team, I can tell you more project and technical details when you get in touch.

Tarmigan, I have a friend who really MUST work at Tesla. He was a staff eng at Sun, National Semi, Cobalt, etc.

He is a master in solar power generation monitoring (designs custom embedded BACNET boxes, develops standards based protocols for energy monitoring, fosters the creation of industry working groups around said protocols/ideas, etc) among other things wrote the first book on SAMBA... blah blah blah.

This guy will solve (if he hasnt already) this for you:

>* Design and evaluation of algorithms for energy and power markets

>* Designing a robust system to control distributed resources


How can I connect you both?

Please reply to my email addy in my profile.

As a finders fee, I humbly ask to escort Elon Musk's ashes to Mars.

Man, this posting is everything I love about engineering. If I weren't halfway across the continent you'd be reading my resume right now!

Are you guys offering Internships come Spring 2013 (Jan-May)?

If you are asking in general, there are a bunch of internships in a bunch of different groups listed on the careers website.

Our group would probably also be open in to an intern, but I haven't given it much thought yet. Get in touch with me if you are interested in Stationary Storage and the work described in my original post.

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