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Watertown, MA - Full-time 3-month paid apprenticeship

Fresh Tilled Soil (http://www.freshtilledsoil.com) is a leading Boston-area UI design studio. We are accepting applications for the next cohort of our Apprenticeship in UX program, which will begin on January 7th, 2013.

The Apprenticeship is a three-month, paid, mentorship-driven learning experience. We select several talented designers, developers and UX strategists per quarter to work alongside us on real-world projects, helping them round out their skills as all-round web and mobile product experts. We also work to understand your career goals, and help you find the best place to continue your career after the Apprenticeship concludes.

For more information, visit http://aux.freshtilledsoil.com, or contact me at geordie.kaytes@freshtilledsoil.com

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