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NYC, New York - Full-time

Javascript (proficient with and without jQuery etc), JSON/APIs, CSS3, Web App, Mobile, with some PHP/similar

Quartz (http://qz.com) just launched last week. We're a global business news web site working out of Downtown NYC.

We're looking to grow the team (me + 3 devs + PM embedded with editorial). We have a lot to do - still heavy optimization on our current site (mobile first approach). We have a pretty ambitious idea of what we want to tackle and there is a lot to be done in terms of readability, user experience and ubiquity.

The job description below aims at an experienced fronte-end dev but I'd also consider fresher candidates too if they have a relevant portfolio.


For some more background:

"Covering the World of Business, Digital Only" by David Carr


"Quartz: The new biz-news site is a technological and structural innovator, with only a few hiccups"


"The Atlantic's Quartz: interesting … but will it make a profit?"


Send resumes/links-to-previous-work to md@qz.com

PDF, markdown, text preferred. Github, StackOverflow, LinkedIn profiles help.

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