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Fashiolista - Amsterdam, NL. Python/Django developers, DevOps. Full time, on-site in our office in the center of Amsterdam.

We are a funded startup looking for Python/Django developers and sysadmins with AWS experience... or ideally someone who ticks both of these boxes. As Fashiolista is growing rapidly, we are on the lookout for new team members who can help us scale the site and keep up with our growth.

Although we are in the fashion industry, a love of fashion is not required. If you love hacking open source applications and scaling high-traffic websites, you'll fit right in. We encourage our team to work on open source projects where possible, and attempt to open source many of the components we build ourselves. We are looking for "T-shaped employees" (a la Valve) who can contribute to a number of areas in the business.

Our stack consists of, among other things:

- Django

- Celery


- Redis

- Memcached

- PostgreSQL

- AWS (with heavy use of CloudFormation)

More information is available on our jobs page (http://www.fashiolista.com/jobs), you can also email me directly if you would like to discuss the role futher (email in profile).

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