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Project Grasshopper, created by a former media executive and Google product director, is looking for game designers and developers to build games for a novel interactive tabletop platform based on Unity 3D, among other opportunities.

The goal of the project is to use games and innovative digital and physical media to foster meaningful social interaction and genuine local community in cities everywhere.

We're looking for:

1. Game developers, especially with experience in multitouch interfaces and Unity 3D;

2. Game designers, especially with an interest in face-to-face (as opposed to online multiplayer) play;

3. Microelectronics hardware engineers, to work with world-class architects (i.e. the kind who design interiors and build physical spaces) on embedded systems for enhancing social face-to-face play in a physical setting;

4. A multitouch engineer, to work with a leading MIT Media Lab researcher, on multitouch platforms, including a round interactive table that comfortable seats 4-6 people based on computer vision technology;

5. An event project manager (New York only), to help organize and run an ongoing series of successful game-night-like test events at various locations in New York City.

Intrigued? Get in touch with your CV or a bit about you and why you are interested and I'll send you more about the project, including specifics about the games development/design projects and videos about the the project overall and the interactive tabletop platform we've built.

Email: ien@alum.mit.edu

EXTRA NOTE: for the first position, i.e. game developer, there is a full-time junior staff position available.

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