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New York, NY -- Tapad -- fulltime backend developers/intelligent, motivated people

Tapad is a advertising technology company, specializing in real-time buying and making sense of the fragmented world where every user and household has multiple device, from smartphone and tablets to connected TVs and laptops.

On any given day, I might work on:

* scaling our 100% Scala-based infrastructure to handle billions of requests per day with 95th-percentile response times in the low 10s of milliseconds

* adding features to our back-office webapp (Play) to help our account team manage dozens of campaigns and hundreds of strategies.

* analyzing billions of rows of data to uncover performance anomalies

* testing machine learning algorithms on said data, to create models that improve performance

* practicing my foosball game to ensure foosball dominance in the office

Tapad is a fun, growing place to work on high-performance software with a bunch of great people. We just recently took over the office next door to get more space. The dev team is a lean, mean crew. Drop a note to toby at tapad dot com.

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