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Official.fm - New York City - FULL TIME: Ruby Engineers, Frontend Devs - http://official.fm

We create tools and services that help optimize the day-to-day of music professionals: labels, artists, etc. We use the latest technologies in order to rapidly iterate and build the best possible product for our users. We are a small company of around 20 creative people and our lean structure allows us to move fast, cut the crap, and ship.

We are not afraid to try new things: our labs team has written audio decoders in JavaScript for MP3, ALAC, FLAC, and AAC, along with a pitch detector. We know the difference between production code and research code. We love open-source and it loves us back.

The ideal candidate has:

* Expertise in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and related technologies.

* Familiarity with modern tools, such as Git, SCSS, and other.

* Experience with agile methodologies, TDD, sprints and poker planning, daily stand-ups.

* An opinion. We want you to argue about the right way to do things. If something isn’t up to our level of quality, we expect an intervention.

* Excitement about music and desire to work in this area.

Our stack includes:

* Ruby on Rails 3

* Nginx + Passenger

* PostgreSQL

* Full text search

* Message queues

* JQuery

* Backbone.js

* Git

We’re offering you a full-time, permanent position in New York City to create the second product of our music platform (ask us for details).

If you think you’re fit for the job, ping us at jobs@official.fm and let’s talk!

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