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Donut math: How donut.c works (a1k0n.net)
204 points by Peroni on Oct 1, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

IƱigo Quilez has the best live coding tutorials on simple raytracers I've seen:


It's so much easier than I thought...

What editor is he using? It looks a bit like fluxus but for some funky custom-library-laden version of C++...

Edit: Looks like it's an editor he designed himself to work on OpenGL fragment shaders (see the bottom video). I can't find any working link to it though.

His stuff is amazing. A ray marching ASCII obfuscated C thing is on my to do list.

Apologies. Didn't realise it was previously posted. I was under the impression HN prevents you from linking the same article twice.

HN only stops it for a few months, that post was from more than a year ago.

Actually HN stops very old posts as well (it can fail, but it is very infrequent).

On this case, the urls are not identical: the older one did not have the www.

While quickly glancing over the HN front page: I read it as "Donald Knuth: how donut.c works." :)

This article demonstrates why it is important to learn math if you want to develop software.

I'd say the article demonstrates the importance of math in the demoscene.

Unless it summons a real donut, I don't want to hear about it.

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