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Tell HN: Startup school 2012 invites are out
77 points by ramanujam 1607 days ago | hide | past | web | 76 comments | favorite
If you applied, check this link. http://news.ycombinator.com/susrsvp

I created a Facebook group for people who are attending to coordinate transportation, lodging, etc...also it'd be great to meet some people before I go!


Good idea. Thanks Jeff!

I'm a student at Stanford, my personal recommends:

- Walk around Stanford because it's nice (esp. Quad area). For food, check out the commonly-admired Ike's place, and CoHo is an ok place to sit down and have a sandwich/coffee.

- Consider taking the hike up to the Dish above Stanford. The loop takes about 1 hr. There are two entrances and the road between the south entrance and the dish offers epic views of the entire valley and Stanford. You can sometimes make out SF in the very back.

- Stroll University Ave. main Palo Alto in evening. NOLA restaurant/bar is a fun, unique and distinct looking place to have a few drinks.

- Do yourself a favor and visit the Computer History Museum in Mountain View (I've been 4 times and still want to go). From there, Google main campus is only ~10 minute walk as well, and across the street a movie theatre Cinema Century 16. Downtown Mountain View is also ~30 minute walk and Red Rock Cafe is a nice place to pull out a laptop and hack a bit.

- For transport: there are many ZipCars around Stanford, and also Enterprise car rental (for longer periods) has a branch on Stanford campus.

Can anyone elaborate on PG's comment at the end of the first linked article?

I also skipped San Jose. San Jose calls itself the capital of Silicon Valley, but when people in the Valley use the phrase "the city," they mean San Francisco. San Jose is a dotted line on a map.

He makes it sound like nothing happens there, but if so, why do they claim to be the capital of SV?

I just returned from San Jose back to Toronto. After spending most of the past week there, I can honestly say, NOTHING happens in San Jose.

While San Jose pales in comparison to San Francisco, as a Bay Area native I've always enjoyed Santana Row, some parts of downtown (near 1st Street) and some of the outskirt cities like Campbell and Los Gatos. The only thing about the South Bay is that since everything is so spread apart, cab/uber rides are a bit pricier than SF.

If you're in town for Startup School, I highly recommend journeying up to SF afterward.

He makes it sound like nothing happens there, but if so, why do they claim to be the capital of SV?

Geographically, San Jose is much closer to the "heart" of the valley -- Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Mountain View and the surrounding areas -- than San Francisco is.

It is also, going strictly by population, the larger of the two cities.

the larger of the two cities.

which is a constant source of annoyance to san joseans. then again, their entertainment district is about three blocks long.

If anyone is looking for accommodations in San Francisco, we have a startup live+work mansion and would love to host a few of you :)

www.risesf.com - william@risesf.com

I am a student from Hong Kong, China. I am coming with my finance and looking for accommodation with cost that I can afford. Would you tell me your price and location? Thanks a lot!

Got a quick question.

I didn't get any invitation email from YC, but when:

1. I go to this link: http://news.ycombinator.com/susrsvp,

2. it asks me if I am coming. And I selected "YES" and

3. I see a message: Ok, see you there! on http://news.ycombinator.com/x

Does that mean I was invited but didn't get an email?

Probably, check your spam folder. Email them to make sure.

@Everyone: Is there anyone who applied to startup school but didn't get an invite? Do see the same thing what I am seeing?

Thanks for the reply, I did check my spam, nothing there. I have also emailed them. Fingers crossed :)

Accepted, flying in from NYC!

likewise if I can get it together... should do a NYer meetup out there, or before/after in the city

Great idea! Would also be fun to fly there together!?

OK, I RSVPed - ping me - contact info in my profile - doing some simple mad science experiments around doing a social aggregator for financial market news, so far it's sort of a semi-useful mashup of YC and TechMeme. Maybe grab drinks in NY the Wednesday or Thursday before heading out? or maybe meet up out there!

When we set a date can announce for any other folks from NY.

Count me in for before/after in nyc

OK, I RSVPed - ping me - contact info in my profile - doing some simple mad science experiments around doing a social aggregator for financial market news, so far it's sort of a semi-useful mashup of YC and TechMeme. Maybe grab drinks in NY the Wednesday or Thursday before heading out? or maybe meet up out there!


So am I.

Just for anyone who won't be able to go, the event was livestreamed and recorded last year (and I would presume this years would be too)


2010/2011 (and likely 2012): http://www.justin.tv/startupschool/videos Click on "Past Broadcasts" if you want to watch a whole year's program at once.

http://lanyrd.com/series/startup-school/ (includes previous years)

You can also find many of the videos on YouTube and the web at large (just do a search for "startup school" or perhaps "startup school videos").

Heading up to Stanford from Mountain View :P Originally from Sydney, Australia :-) Here's a post I did on "Things to do in Silicon Valley" and other Silicon Valley related stuff. Enjoy! http://www.theroadtosiliconvalley.com/local-california/thing...

Accepted,I am a biochemistry postgraduate in Hong Kong. Looking for other biology guys who is accepted to attend 2012 YCSS?

Is there anyone that wasn't accepted? Pretty much everyone I know and talked to got in. Maybe because of the increase to 1715 seats http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4477283

My roommate wasn't accepted. He's a software engineer.

woot! I got accepted! flying in from Calgary! Looking forward to meeting more people down there...my first time, not sure really what to expect...

Also, I'm flying in with my fiancee, anyone here have recommendations on where to stay? we also want to hit up the outlet mall somewhere around there, and obviously downtown SF. We're not sure if we should stay in downtown SF, or by the airport? obviously price is a factor..but so is transportation since it's a 2 hour bus ride to Stanford from the hotels in SF, but everyone is telling us not to rent a car?? Any advice from people wiser than myself would be appreciated!

I'm accepted too. And I'm flying all the way from Montreal to attend!

I'm accepted. But I don't have enough budget to go now. Damn!

my 2cts: just do what it takes to go! Few opportunities can change lives in a positive black swan way... Myself I plan on selling more of our stuff to pay for the trip from Europe. If I can help you with $50 or 100 let me know what you are good at that you could help our startup with. (email on HN profile)

Thanks a lot for your kind reply. I'm going to fly there anyway. I will just take some loan from my credit card. Will be very happy to get connected with you though.

Same reason I didn't even apply.

It'd be an amazing experience to be surrounded by hackers (there aren't many here an hour outside Atlanta), and it's something I'd love to be able to put on my resume, but there's no way I can afford it while unemployed and going to college.

I wonder if you are interested in transferring the invite to someone who is able to go?

Do they do a waitlist for this event?

I am super pumped to go! Anybody going from Ontario, Canada?

From Brampton/Toronto.

If anyone is looking for room/board be sure to check out http://chezjj.com/

Several YC alum stay/stayed here.

Seems to be a minimum 30 day stay unfortunately, though I'll get in touch.

Accepted! Am I the only high school aged person so far (Junior)? I always seem to be the youngest person when I go to tech talks as well :)

Another junior here! It's always great to meet other passionate high school students at these conferences.

I've gone while I was in high school.

I am also a high school junior. See you there!

Accepted! Finally! Flying in from Juneau, AK

Flying in from Paris. This is very cool.

Is it a good idea to rent a car / a motorbike -- how good is public transportation?

bay area local. rent a car, public transit can only take you so far in the area.

not only that, public transportation ends before midnight/1am in the majority of places - one of my biggest gripes. Getaround and Wheelz are ride sharing options.

Is anyone allowed to transfer their invite? I didn't apply since I had no plans to be here.

If anyone got an invite and can't make it, please, please email me! lachygroom@gmail.com

i have one email me. contact info on page

Accepted! Flying in from Boston.

Same here!

@Successful candidates: Please share some idea, how to draft successful applications?

Flying in from Seattle, WA So excited to attend this and meet amazing people.


I am flying from Seattle, too. Would you like to meet before we fly there? Let me know. Thanks.

from eastern washington.... how much was your ticket? also where did you find it?

Flying in from London. Get in touch if you're also making it in from the UK?

I might be but unsure whether I can justify the costs. Anyway, I was accepted and if I go I will probably have to travel down to London to fly out. Are you flying with BA?

I didn't apply as I know I can't make it, heading to SF later on but I know a few Brits going. I'm sure there's a lot.

accepted! Driving from LA. Would love to car pool if someone needs a ride...

If only i was going :( I didn't even hear about this event! I hope someone has an extra ticket

Flying in from Phoenix, AZ! I'll do everything I can to make it.

Accepted, driving in from SF. Looking forward to it!

Accepted! I'll be coming up from Santa Barbara, CA.

Accepted, going to be flying in from melbourne, Fl.

i am coming from birmingham, al

Any other Aussies going? (from Adelaide here)

I'm from Sydney. Are you already in SV?

Nah flying over for a few weeks. Happy to grab drinks with anyone keen (Aussies or otherwise)

Can't wait! Thanks for admitting me, guys!

Accepted, comming from Mountain View :)

Accepted! Almost walking distance :)

I'll be flying in from Toronto.

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