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https://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy --> Apps, Games and Websites --> Click "Turn off", it is purposely hidden as normal text even though it is the blue hyperlink color it blends in quite well.

If facebook had a (physical)complaints box it would be just out of arms reach above a large rose bush.

except doing so means that you can't use any third party apps for facebook yourself, such as tweetdeck, other integrating social networks, etc.

If they use oauth then I have my google account. Otherwise I'm not their target audience.

The only things that have required me to use FB app forced login is marketing from "free stuffz" vendors.

That "Turn off" link has returned an error for at least a year.

I made my gf do it two days ago and it worked.

Then nobody at FB is checking the error log, if there is one.

Thanks. I hadn't seen that option yet. It is exactly what I want.

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