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The Ace Hotel has a great lobby to work in. I work there for a couple hours almost every trip I make to NY.

Convenient outlets at most seats, free wifi, and a Stumptown adjoined!

Lot's of creative types working there, illustrators, writers and such. Can get pretty busy after 5pm.


20 West 29th Street New York, NY 10001

I actually just took the subway over to check this place out in response to this thread. Some cons for Ace Hotel:

* The wifi might be free, but you need a passcode. Do you get this by ordering something?

* The prices are pretty exorbitant. Coffee, tea, and sodas are $4, and $20 for a glass of wine.

* Pretty dark inside. OK for working on a laptop, not so good for writing anything by hand.

The passcode is free for the asking, requiring no purchase. You can get coffee at Stumptown.

In my experience, you don't need to order anything to get a passcode, just ask one of the people working there.

Not sure if this is legal (but someone sitting there once told me about it, so I'm sure plenty of people use it) - just pick a random room number.

Also, I wouldn't say that $4 for coffee that good is exorbitant. To each their own I suppose.

$4 for a work space all day ain't bad ;)

I second this. Ace Hotel is rad.

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