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In San Francisco, PayByPhone has put stickers on many (all?) of the parking meters, enabling you to pay for your parking via their mobile app. In addition to a unique number, the stickers are also NFC-capable, so presumably an NFC phone owner can wave a phone against it to input the meter ID in the app.

(I use an iPhone, so this is speculation on my part.)

I've used those NFC stickers on the parking meters with my Nexus. You don't even need to have the PayByPhone app open or running. When I tapped my phone it automatically launched the app with the parking spot number inputted so I just had to confirm a duration.

Also, if you don't have the app installed, your phone should launch the Play Store to download and install it automatically.

'"What’d be cooler would be if you just pulled into the parking spot and walked away."'


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