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To answer the question at hand: "Why was [this] company able to raise $76 Million Series B?" They make money.

What's more concerning to me is that the coverage in TechCrunch[0] and Business Insider wasn't able to raise a modicum of doubt. If googling "JustFab" returns "Class Action Lawsuit" in the first 5 results, it would seem that the reporters either didn't do the absolute minimum required for effective journalism, ignored it, or were instructed to ignore it.

We've all heard the "online journalism is broken" refrain, so I won't repeat it here.* I'll just note that if it's so far gone that googling the topic of interest is out of the question, this form of journalism is worse than I thought.

[0] http://techcrunch.com/2012/04/26/fashion-retail-and-styling-...

* Edit: some forms appear to be doing quite well, e.g. nytimes.com. I'd also point out that there are some online articles I've found on TC or TheNextWeb, or AllThingsD that were quite good.

Then again since when TechCrunch really practiced journalism?


led to an entire industry being changed

Nik, your articles would seem to be of a much higher standard (and, accordingly, posted with greater infrequency) than most others on TC.

Plain and simple, it seems that most of the time, most of TC’s homepage is not investigative, but sensationalized triviality.

Thanks for being a part of the exception.

I respect you man. Not gonna argue with you. Just before the re-branding of Hotmail to Outlook, there was an article on TC, claiming it takes '14 seconds' for Gmail to load. And posts like that one are not rare on TC.


C'mon, you really don't think TC is well on its way to being Valleywag II? With articles like the recent, "Color CEO Bill Nguyen Checks Out Of Day-To-Day Operations..."?

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