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Considering the fact that, you end up on the checkout page trying to purchase an item, the jibber-jabber on the right side hardly helps.

Well all their copy tells me that they're a personalized "boutique" aka personal shopper who chooses items for you based on your style.

I'd expect that to be a re-occurring cost.

I suppose it may be out of the norm of some people, especially the HN crowd, but this kind of thing isn't really unusual.

Brick and mortar stores have VIP programs all the time.

> Brick and mortar stores have VIP programs all the time.

Yes. But you can also show up and buy a pair of shoes. I don't believe what you are describing is a fair analogy.

When I order a pair of shoes I expect a pair of shoes. I don't expect a hat, jacket, or a personalized VIP shopper.

On this website if I pretend to order a pair of shoes there isn't anything to indicate (aside from the fine print) that I'll be receiving more than a pair of shoes.

I'd expect this place to suffer a pretty serious class-action lawsuit soon. If I was an investor I'd run as far away as possible.

I don't really think so. When I visited the website, the first thing (it took up 50% of the page) that I saw was a call out asking you to rate items, and reveal your fashionable interests so you'd get personalized advice. Then it asked me to join their VIP program.

Honestly, I'd have to click around a little bit to even figure out how to just search something without first joining them and going through the VIP program upsales processs.

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