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Sorry, what I meant by "mainstream" is "have enough of a following". You can say a lot of good things about Bootstrap, and to be fair most of them are probably right, but even when you compare to other jQuery libraries/framework it must have... what, maybe 5% of the users? Also, it's a very young project, it's not an established de facto piece of technology like Django is when it comes to Python web frameworks, Rails to Ruby web frameworks, or Apache is to HTTP servers.

Did I make myself a bit clearer? :)

While it's not nearly as old as those projects, it may be used by the same order of magnitude of people. Both bootstrap and jQuery itself are officially hosted on Github:

    jQuery    - 16,896 watching, 2,314 forks
    bootstrap - 38,026 watching, 8,836 forks
There are a lot of ways to interpret those numbers, but I think it at least shows that there is serious, broad interest in bootstrap.

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