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There doesn't seem to be a shortage at all. We've gotten plenty of good candidates in our doors that turn us down because our pay is barely competitive and our health insurance is terrible. Pay more money and you can attract more tech workers.

Or lower your standards and make a plan to promote in company education, make the specialized work force you need yourself!

"lower your standards"

If I understand your intent, I would prefer to read this as "widen your standards." You're not deciding to intake less capable people. Rather, you're deciding to intake people of more varied specific experience.

the phrase that I use is "favoring aptitude over experience"

That's all well and good for companies like Microsoft. In fact Microsoft can always hire staff into a foreign office, and transfer them to the USA after 1 year with an L1 visa (no quota), and train them as they go, if they so choose. But this is not an option for small startups that have to move fast, and can't hire a larger B-team just because that's all they can find.

Or just finally fix immigration.

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