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If I'm entering a credit card number, let me type the fucking spaces. Use JS to trim them before they hit the server if you have to. I once used a site that had JS specifically to prevent me from typing a space, and it was infuriating, because exactly the same amount of engineering effort could have gone into just letting me type it the way I wanted to.

Or hypens, or periods, or whatever delimiter makes the user happy.

s/[^\d]+//g <- Not just easier on your users. Easier that what you were planning to do instead, too.

Is it really important to type the delimiter? Or just to have it appear onscreen while typing?

Cards usually have the numbers in a groups of 4 digits. When typing into a field let me type in same groups of 4 digits. It is easier to see that there are 4 groups of 4 digits each, as opposed to counting a blur of 16 digits.

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