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This isn't something to be happy about. We trust those that practice medicine have been properly trained and rely on a well established body of knowledge. Human lives and health are placed in the hands of this person. Much different than someone building a rails site.

I'm not clear what the problem is. Do you have a study that shows that, for example, 12 years of training over 4 years of training produces a significant result in mortality rate?

Reducing barriers while still producing similar or good-enough output is the nature of all industries.

To take the doctor example, say you have the following available to you (price for a single visit):

    $0    - Google  
    $50   - Cheap Walk-In Clinic
    $250  - Regular Doctor Checkup/Visit
    $1000 - Semi-good specialist    
    $9000 - Specialist  
Which would you go to for a headache? Ear infection? Dull pain in an arm/shoulder for a long length of time? Strange heart symptoms? Tumor?

To go back to programming, take the same list

    $0    - CMS/Drupal/Wordpress/Bighost    
    $1000 - Outsourced      
    $9000 - Local Consultant  

Which would you use for a personal blog? Friend's bar website? Restaurant chain?

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