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We just had a post on how to build your own private google to facilitate looking shit up http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4580537

Machines are more powerful these days! The unix kernel used to fit in a book. How many books would it take to fit the linux kernel?

These days we happen to have in place an efficient communications system, built by these very giants of the past, that actually facilitates getting advice from your peers.

Why do you want to use a framework? Well it's not just about not writing the code, it's about having code that has been well tried in action and honed. Any eventual problem is probably documented somewhere on the net. Write your own core stuff and you'll need do manage the cost of stabilizing the software.

The Linux kernel has about as many chars as one to two Encyclopedia Britannicae. C does not have as many chars per line as English, so printing the kernel would require three or four Britannicae.

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